Drop of the Day - Curatif's Four Pillars Negroni

. September 10, 2020
Drop of the Day - Curatif's Four Pillars Negroni

Curatif's Four Pillars Negroni is rich, full flavoured and balanced version of the Negroni you know and love conveniently premixed in a can. We match it with the equally flavourful and decadent Mangia e Bevi.

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Curatif's Negroni in a can is the drink you love made with the same irreplaceable ingredients that the best bartenders have made it with since the invention of the Negroni: gin, the irreplaceable Italian bitter aperitif Campari, and the sweet vermouth of Negroni aficionados. Martini Rosso. The difference is this Negroni is premixed, and ready to go as soon as you need it. They're made with the perfect proportions and can be served fuss-free at a moment's notice: Just open, pour, and serve with a block of ice and an orange wedge. 

However, the gin that these cans of cold deliciousness contain is special. It isn't just any gin, it's Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin, recognised twice at the Global Gin Masters. It's the world's only gin specially formulated to make the perfect Negroni - a particularly aromatic and spicy gin with West African spice grains of paradise and Indonesian cubeb to make the best Negroni you've ever tasted. 

The resulting Negroni is a rich, full flavoured and balanced version of the Negroni you know and love: bitter, sweet and packing a punch. We recommend Curatif's Negroni be enjoyed alongside Claire Aldous' 'Mangia e Bevi' bacon-wrapped sping onions - a simple dish that is as portable as it is easy to make, but, like the Negroni, has plenty of "oomph".

Curatif believe that your fine friends, deserve fine drinks. So they have transformed the elegant cocktails expertly made at cocktail bars into convenient cans for your own home or outdoor enjoyment.

They develop their drinks in collaboration with the best crafted spirits: they're the drinks of the world's best bars, blended to perfection for you to indulge in when and where you choose: dinner party, barbecue, picnic or just a delicious treat at home. 

For more information, click here, or purchase a set from Fine Wine Delivery or EightPm, locally.