Drop of the Day - Liquorland Rosemary and Olive Martini 

May 07, 2020
Drop of the Day - Liquorland Rosemary and Olive Martini 

We’re feeling in a celebratory mood, and for us that means it’s martini-time, in particular this Rosemary and Olive Martini, absolutely perfect served with flaky, cheese and rosemary twists.

We think a wee celebration is in order – congratulations fellow New Zealanders, on a sterling effort at levels 4 and 3! Tonight, we’ll be toasting with a Rosemary and Olive Martini, thanks to Liquorlands’ click and collect service. With a vast array of wines and spirits to choose from. Which gin will it be? Hendrick’s, Tanqueray, the beautiful Japanese Roku or perhaps New Zealand’s own Scapegrace Classic? We’ve added invigorating rosemary and briny olive to our martini but depending on your choice you might want to go the classic route…perhaps a taste test is in order!

Rosemary & Olive Martini

60mls gin
5mls dry Vermouth
1 sprig rosemary
2-3 olives

For optimal rosemary flavour, add a few sprigs to the brine of your olives and leave over night. Put ice in a cocktail shaker, add the gin and vermouth, stir gently (no shaking here Mr Bond), then strain into a chilled glass. Strip the end leaves from a sprig of rosemary and use it to skewer 2-3 pitted lives. Add to the martini and serve. (If you are after even more briny action, add a teaspoon to the gin before stirring)

Serves 1

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