Drop of the Day - Loveblock Marlborough TEE Sauvignon Blanc

. March 25, 2021
Drop of the Day - Loveblock Marlborough TEE Sauvignon Blanc

Loveblock's certified organic TEE Sauvignon Blanc is made with no added sulphur. Instead, green tea extract is used as a natural preservative, producing a Sauvignon Blanc with distinct character. Not only is the process extraordinarily innovative, it also yields a gorgeous alluring Sauvignon Blanc that is a stunning match for our favourite Karaage Chicken recipe. 

This article was created in partnership with Loveblock

The antioxidant properties of green tea (Camelia sinesis) have been known for centuries in China and Japan - those properties are being used in medicine beauty, and now Loveblock are exploring the use of green tea in the preservation of wine. It's a remarkable innovation that  involves adding a small amount of green tea powder each time the juice/wine was exposed to oxygen (i.e. every time it was moved), replacing the sulphur that would usually act as a preservative

On the vineyard, use of regenerative growth, manure and horn are employed to promote balanced, fertile soil, biodiversity and healthy grape growth in order to produce wine without the use of chemical pesticides, fungicides or additives of any kind. And as well as being organic, this wine is vegan-friendly too. 

The result is a Sauvignon Blanc with distinct character. This wine is mouthwatering, textural and grippy, with alluring aromas of zesty tangerine and clove, and an intense, mouthfilling smorgasbord of saffron, lush stonefruit and ruby red grapefruit on the palate. Loveblock TEE is a perfect match with fried or roast chicken, Vietnamese cuisine, or a funky cheese. We love it alongside our favourite Karaage Chicken recipe.

It isn't lost on us that 'tee' is Afrikaans for 'tea' - a clever nod to Brand Founder and CEO Erica Crawford's heritage, and of course the green tea in the wine. Pick up a bottle from your local Glengarry or purchase it online

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