We Tried Black Pineapple's Home Cocktail Kits

. July 27, 2020
We Tried Black Pineapple's Home Cocktail Kits

Black Pineapple have started a cocktail kit delivery service. So we tried them out at the dish team drinks...

Written in association with Black Pineapple

Black Pineapple's at home drink service started as Facebook Live mixing tutorials during lockdown. They were hugely popular and though the hospitality industry had taken a blow, Black Pineapple founder Frankie Walker saw an opportunity to develop a way to bring his service to the at-home market.

“It was always part of the business plan - we were just too busy with events to make real headway. We used lockdown as the opportunity to fully realise the new business opportunity to help people to make better drinks at home," says Founder and CEO Frankie Walker. 

He worked quickly to put the kits together. Now, the cocktail kits can be ordered to your door "fully loaded and pre-batched with fresh ingredients and garnishes" as well as glassware and barware - everything you need to be able to make Black Pineapple's most popular drinks in your own home.

“At Black Pineapple we carefully balance and mix your cocktails in advance so that all you have to do is pour, (occasionally) shake, garnish and look like a total pro”, says Frankie.

We took them up on that and tested out the 'classic' cocktail kit for the dish party celebrating sending our new issue off to print. The cocktail of the week was the Sinking Spritz - a red aperitivo and elderflower beverage with sauvignon blanc white wine and cherry brandy liqueur garnished with flowers and orange. It was an absolute hit with the dish team and was the easiest tipple to throw together for a no-fuss evening. 

We even did our fair share of customising the delicious drinks - adding campari, soda or a sqeeze of lime to suit each of our tastes. 

The Sinking Spritz cocktail kit 

However, the drink rotates each week so you might see the Breakfast Martini, the Feijoa Ginger Mojito or the Fish House Punch other classics from the Classics box, all sorts of Espresso Martinis from the Espresso Martini box (surprise!) or a Black Pineapple specialty from the Black Pineapple box... And we can't wait to try them all. 

As well as the ingredients, instructions and equipment you need to make the cocktails, Frankie has come as close to putting himself into the packages as he can: the kits include a QR code unlocking video tutorials and further content on the drinks. 

There are three kits available (Classics, Black Pineapple Bangers and Espresso Martinis) and prices start at $59 for a kit for two people, making four cocktails. They can be bought as one-offs or as weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscriptions including extra content and rewards. For now, they are only available in Auckland but they are planning to expand as demand grows.

For more information, or to order, click here

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