Need to know: Barker's of Geraldine Soda Syrups

February 20, 2018
Need to know: Barker's of Geraldine Soda Syrups

Cool down with the crisp new range of Soda Syrups, thanks to the team at Barker's of Geraldine.

Few of life's simple pleasures compare to a crisp, sparkling soda on a balmy summer's day.

To ensure your thirst is quenched during the season of casual cocktails and fruity libations, our friends at Barker's have created a delicious range of premium soda syrups.

These better-for-you mixers have at least 25 per cent less sugar compared to similar syrups and ready-to-drink alternatives. Douse your favourite sparkling water with a little, or a lot, of this refreshing syrup, while controlling how much is added to your summer drink. Barker's ensure both flavour and sweetness can be tailored to taste.

Barker’s Soda Syrups come in four classic flavours, including the caffeine-free Premium Dry Cola, Citrus Lemonade, Brewed Ginger Beer and crowd-favourite – Lemon, Lime & Bitters. Each flavour is crafted for superior taste and bottled on the original Barker’s family farm in Geraldine.

Conveniently available in a 710ml bottle that makes around 25 glasses of refreshing sparkling, Barker's Soda Syrups are available in supermarkets nationwide.

To learn more about Barker's, simply see their website here.