Wine, Wherever, Forever

November 16, 2021
Woman reading a book enjoying JOIY wine

Wine industry experts and JOIY founders Cath Hopkin and Chris Archer are on a mission to take the romance, taste, provenance and sophistication of wine beyond our tables - and make it more easily accessible by the pool, at the beach, on the boat or at a festival.

Their passion for small format wines has transformed their boutique Martinborough-based operation into a globally-awarded brand, with Cath and Chris expanding production from a single small format bottle to eight canned wine products exported internationally.

JOIY founders Cath Hopkin and Chris Archer

As the first company to produce and export canned wine, and the first to produce RTD wine cocktails, JOIY are true pioneers of modern wine enjoyment. Now, Cath and Chris’ best-selling products are distributed throughout New Zealand, Australia and Canada, and, increasingly, the United States, the largest can market in the world. JOIY is New Zealand’s top-selling wine in a can, and it has occupied the top spot in Canada for the past four years. Even more exciting is that canned wine is the fastest-growing category for wine globally, positioning JOIY at the peak of a very exciting change in wine culture. “It’s been a white-knuckled, rollercoaster of a ride,” admits Cath.

For Cath and Chris, accessibility isn’t just about packaging size. It’s about demystifying the wine industry and its often pretentious “wine-speak”. JOIY is modern, inclusive and fun - all you have to know is what tastes good to you.

JOIY wine cans

But don’t go thinking modern design and accessibility means a compromise in quality. JOIY is the recipient of multiple awards, including three Golds at the International Canned Wine Competition 2021. As the only brand in the southern hemisphere that is fully focused on canned wine beverages, JOIY offers a dazzling range of drops, from the popular Sparkling Rosé to Pineapple Wine Seltzer. The company is also set to release a full range of delicious wine cocktails, including a sparkling wine and orange juice Mimosa.

JOIY wines are also a genuinely earth-conscious choice. Not only do aluminium cans protect the wine from the harmful effects of sunlight, the aluminium is infinitely recyclable, easy to store and ship, they contain no animal products (e.g., whey spirit) and are crafted from grapes grown close to home in New Zealand and Australia. JOIY are determined to deliver good times to wine drinkers, wherever they may be, for a very long time to come.

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