Your favourite cocktail made easy with Good George's Neat Espresso Martini

. January 27, 2021
Your favourite cocktail made easy with Good George's Neat Espresso Martini

Good George have partnered with Raglan Roast Coffee for a second time, resulting in a convenient 'shake, pour and enjoy' Neat Espresso Martini...

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Fans of Good George and Raglan Roast Coffee will remember when they first collaborated on a Coffee IPA. Now, Good George have teamed up with the roastery again to add an Espresso Martini to their growing range of Neat small batch hand crafted cocktails. 

“An Espresso Martini was the next logical step in our distillery project. It’s the kind of cocktail that everyone has a special place in their heart for, and one of our personal favourites.”

Made with cold brew Ethiopian Sidamo coffee beans from Raglan Roast Coffee, and small batched distilled vodka, the cocktail has bold coffee notes with a hint of chocolate to round it out.

Good George recommend you keep the bottle, which makes 7-8 drinks, in the fridge, so it's ready to go whenever. Then you can simply shake with ice, pour and enjoy those smooth and delicious Espresso Martinis.

"So far reviews for our Espresso Martini have been absolutely flattering,” but what's next for the distillery? “We’ve got some exciting cocktails in the pipeline for 2021," so watch this space!

Watch the video below to see just how simple the cocktail is to make...

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