Made with Love

. February 07, 2017
Photography by Todd Anthony, Lottie Hedley, Lizzie Mayson, Toby Murphy.
Made with Love

Some of the world's most beloved chefs dish on their favourite at-home meals.

If you ask any chef “what do you cook at home?” you might be bombarded with with any number of answers from Eggs Benedict to Tiramisu and everything in between. But asking a chef “what do you cook for the people you love?” makes for a very different story. 

Made with Love explores what some of the world’s top chefs, cooks and food artisans cook for their loved ones, with all royalties going towards the Nelson Mandela Foundation.

With recipes from 100 different stars of the food world, this is not only a great book to cook from, but it’s a lovely collection of stories. International foodies such as Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver sit alongside New Zealand favourites like Al Brown and Megan May, sharing some of their most-loved dishes.

From Antonio Carluccio’s Deep-Fried Stuffed Olives and Peta Mathias’ Potatoes in Duck Fat to Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Guinness Cake, Made with Love will likely add to your own repertoire of recipes to cook for those you love.