The best of Bordeaux with Yvonne Lorkin

February 21, 2017
The best of Bordeaux with Yvonne Lorkin

For the red wine connoisseur, consider Bordeaux your need-to-know region.

For the red wine drinker, Bordeaux is a must-visit wine region. Beautifully adorned architecture lines the city streets, as communities bind together year after year, to celebrate the new vintage with unmatched enthusiasm and vigour.

This May, our own resident wine expert Yvonne Lorkin, will embark on a fabulous tour of Bordeaux, where she and her group of passionate wine connoisseurs will learn about various grape varieties, sample local cuisine and experience the deeply embedded history and culture of this beautiful region.
Bordeaux is home to the largest vineyard region in France, with the vineyard spanning half of the country's largest county, Gironde. On average, each vintage produces over 700 million bottles of wine, ranging from good-value, everyday wines to some of the most expensive and prestigious reds in world.
For wine connoisseurs through to enthusiasts, or simply those who love the history of France – this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Thirsty Work Wine Tour of Bordeaux with Yvonne Lorkin departs on May 4, 2017. With spaces strictly limited, be sure to book well in advance to avoid the disappointment of missing out.
For more information or to secure your spot, visit the World Expeditions website here.
Tour costs: $6490 per person.