Sensory Illusions at QT Museum Wellington

August 02, 2018
Sensory Illusions at QT Museum Wellington

Awaken your senses during this unique culinary experience at one of the capital's favourite addresses.

Join the QT Museum Wellington for two delicious nights out, during Visa Wellington On a Plate.

Come Thursday, August 16th and Friday, August 17th, the QT will play host to the ultimate in sensory culinary experience, with Sensory Illusions set to wow the foodie crowds. This magical affair will engage all the senses, hit the sweet or savoury spot, and satisfy your thirst with a menu where you can eat both your food and drink. 

Sensory Illusions is the first of its kind, with a wild and wonderful menu consisting of:

  • Riesling Oyster with Gin, Cucumber, Dill & Mint Dressing
  • Rose Rabbit cured Salmon, Caper, Dill, Pernod Dust, Shaved Bagel with Quick Brown Fox Espresso
  • Goats Cheese Spaghetti with Melon Liqueur Dust, Manuka Honey & Prosecco Air
  • Bloody Mary Tartare, Horseradish & Armagnac Cream & Balsamic Pearls
  • Mai Tai Gel, Pistachio Falernum Birds Nest
  • ​Strawberry Daiquiri Lego Bricks, Edible Paper & Cocktail Paints

Guests will be introduced to each course with a teaser of the dish or cocktail, followed by an expertly curated menu by Laurent Loudeac of Hippopotamus Restaurant, QT Museum Wellington’s signature restaurant. Hippopotamus’ very own steak tartare and chef’s signature dish, Mon Sashimi, will set the scene for the Bloody Mary Tartare and Rose Rabbit cured Salmon.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to immerse yourself in Wellington's unique culinary scene. To secure your tickets to Sensory Illusions, see here.