Miele welcomes a new partnership with Pasture's Ed Verner

January 21, 2021
Miele welcomes a new partnership with Pasture's Ed Verner

Leading appliance brand Miele has announced a new partnership with Ed Verner, the chef behind award winning Auckland restaurant, Pasture, and new experimental cocktail bar, Boxer. 

The world’s leading manufacturer of premium domestic appliances, Miele, has announced a partnership with award-winning New Zealand chef, Ed Verner, of fine dining restaurant Pasture, and cocktail bar, Boxer

Originally from a small town in Dorset, England, Ed has been making waves within the industry since Pasture opened in 2016, and is known for pushing the boundaries of dining experiences using local and unique produce. His chef-run culinary genre incorporates a New Nordic techniques and styles in a Japanese Kaiseki-inspired format, drawing inspiration from his time living in Japan and working in some of Europe’s top fine dining kitchens — including Relae in Copenhagen, Kadeau in Denmark, and In de Wulf in Belgium.

Pasture is known for its unconventional approach to fine dining, with just six seats, at a bar right up at the hearth, where most of the cooking is done, to create a space as warm and welcoming as a dinner party. Similarly, sister venue Boxer has only 11 seats and is a new bar experience that brings Ed’s vision for a chef-led, beverage-focused, immersive cocktail experience to life.

To show for it, Ed has a host of accolades under his belt, including scoring a spot on Food & Wine’s ‘World’s Best Restaurants 2020’ list, Metro Magazine’s ‘Chef of the Year’ and ‘Restaurant of the Year’, ‘Best Fine Dining’, the Supreme Winner of New Zealand’s Metro Peugeot ‘Restaurant of the Year Awards,’ 2019. His approach to cooking and dining, focuses on exceptional attention to detail and creating immersive, once-in-a-lifetime food and cocktail experiences which aligns with Miele’s ethos of Immer Besser – Forever Better. 

Ed and Hillary Eaton (Creative Partner and culinary and travel journalist) 

“At the centre of my cooking is a juxtaposition of the primordial and raw, exemplified by cooking with the elements, namely fire, and the simplest of ingredients, forging together the precision of science and modern cooking technology. With the meeting of these two approaches, I hope to bring something unique and visceral to the diner that speaks to the past while looking towards the future. Miele's deep roots in tradition and longstanding role in modernising and advancing cooking technology makes them a perfect and likeminded partner to work alongside as we explore the future of food together,” explains Ed.

As an official Miele brand advocate, Ed will collaborate with the Miele New Zealand team on campaigns, projects, recipes and content creation. Many Miele appliances will be featured and used within Pasture’s kitchen and will be seen in future ventures, assisting Ed in bringing his dishes to life. Miele New Zealand General Manager, Mark Bateson, is excited about this opportunity to collaborate with Ed, and show how Miele can assist in creating premium culinary experiences, both at home and in a professional kitchen.

“A master of details and techniques, Ed is a culinary creative and, like Miele, constantly pushes the boundaries of excellence. We are excited to have him on board as we continue to grow the Miele brand in New Zealand and look forward to working with him to create many new and exciting recipes that hero New Zealand produce for our local customers,” said Mark.

Seeing one of our favourite appliance brands partner with such an innovative chef is intruiging indeed. We eagerly await the formidable partnership's creations.