Need to know – Cocavo

October 17, 2017
Need to know – Cocavo

Ditch your heavy cooking oil this summer for a fresher, lighter alternative.

When it comes to long leisurely lunching this Labour Weekend, consider it high-time to swap out your usual cooking oil for a lighter, natural variety.

Created here at home using naturally-sourced avocado and coconut oil, Cocavo boasts the goodness every wholefoods chef is searching for when it comes to using the right kind of cooking oil to make your favourite flavours positively sing.

Formulated using a unique blend of extra virgin coconut and avocado oils, this highly versatile cooking oil promises a higher burning pointing, and is lower in saturated fat than most of its counterparts.

Based in Whangarei, the dedicated team at Cocavo are proud to be spearheading the world's first avocado and coconut oil hybrid. Flavour combinations include Original, Cocavo Light, Chilli and Lime, Coriander, Lime and Ginger and Turmeric and Lemon Zest.

After an impressive launch, Cocavo were recently acknowledged as finalists in this year's New Zealand Food Awards, for their achievement within the food safety and product categories. The humble little oil that could is now stocked in close to 1000 supermarkets throughout the US and available in 56 retail outlets throughout London.

To celebrate this deliciously healthy cooking oil alternative, we've collated three of our favourite coconut-based Dish recipes that would taste twice as nice using Cocavo.

1. Recipe to try: Coconut and Indian Spiced Tempura Prawns
This fragrant recipe is the perfect starter to any outdoor barbecue or summer dinner party. Swap out your canola oil for Cocavo Original, to further enhance the coconut flavours dressing the prawns, without detracting from the grunty spices.

2. Recipe to try: Crispy Coconut-Coated Bananas
Bound to impress family and friends, this easy dessert is an absolute winner. Cocavo's Light cooking oil, will ensure the balance is just right, without adding a heaviness to a rich and decadent dessert dish.

3. Recipe to try: Baked Salmon with Coconut, Chilli and Ginger
Let the fresh flavours reign supreme in this delightfully light summer dish. When creating the salmon's topping, swap out the sesame oil for Cocavo Chilli and Lime, boasting an added kick without over-powering the existing flavours within the dish.

To learn more about cooking with Cocavo or to read their brand story, see their website right here.