Need to know – Escea Double-Sided Indoor Fireplace

April 17, 2018
Need to know – Escea Double-Sided Indoor Fireplace

When the cold snap hits, few of life's pleasures rival cosying up to a toasty indoor fireplace with your favourite bottle of red in tow, a beautiful home-cooked meal and (ideally) good company.

When it comes to rugging up and hunkering down during winter, the innovators at Escea have it down to a fine art.

While we're no stranger to winter warmers here at Dish, when it comes to setting the scene right, we felt it was only fitting to call in the pros.

The DS Series by Escea boasts the perfect interior features that any avid foodie or design buff simply needs to know about. With a small footprint and a big impact, this gorgeous fireplace is frameless and better thought of as an interactive work of art, drawing your eye straight to the flames. With a large window, the double-sided DS fires give you a clear view of a generous fuel bed, large flames and the room next door. Ideal for visually connecting and heating two spaces simultaneously, you can literally feel the room warming up while prepping your favourite cool-weather meals.

The choice of fascia and fuel bed options allow you to create a tailor-made look to perfectly suit your space. A low height and advanced vent technology gives you the freedom to put the fireplace virtually anywhere. No walls and no compromise on your dream design.

If enjoying an indulgent home-cooked meal by the fireplace this weekend sounds like your ideal night in, we suggest you get well acquainted with Escea's stunning range of home accoutrements, before Jack Frost arrives.

To learn more about the DS Series by Escea, simply visit their website right here.