NZ Winter Truffle Unearth Luxury Dining Experience

May 31, 2021
NZ Winter Truffle Unearth Luxury Dining Experience

Experience luxury on a plate with the NZ Winter Truffle Dinner Series

Discover the delights of the elusive black truffle at one of the very special New Zealand Winter Truffle Dinners. You will enjoy four courses, each carefully crafted by some of New Zealand's best culinary talent.

black truffle dinner 
Treasured around the world, the Périgord Truffle is now grown in New Zealand and in season during the months of June and July where it thrives thanks to the volcanic ash soils, long hot days and short, sharp rain periods. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy one of the world’s most luxurious foods grown and cooked right here in our very own backyard for your pleasure. 

NZ Winter Truffles 

Périgord black truffles (tuber melanosporum) are the champagne of truffles for discerning chefs who treasure its earthy aroma and rich chocolate flavour. 

dog hunting for truffles 
Grown beneath the soil among the root systems, the truffle develops a symbiotic relationship with the trees.  When ripe, the truffle brings to mind the scent of undergrowth, strawberries, wet earth or dried fruit with a hint of cocoa.  Traditionally pigs were trained to detect the scent, but they tended to enjoy the truffles a little too much before the growers could get their hands on them, so now dogs are more commonly used to hunt out these treasured fungi. 

Book your truffle dinner now at or find a truffle dinner in your area below.  

Farina - Auckland 
Thursday 17th June, 7pm 
$165pp including wine matches 
To book ph. 093906213 or email [email protected] 

Mission Estate - Napier 
Friday 18th June 6.30pm 
$110pp plus $65 for wine matches 
To book go to  

Clarence Bistro - Tauranga 
Thursday 24th of June 6.30pm 
To book ph. 07 574 8200, email [email protected] 

Artisan at Boulton Hotel - Wellington 
2nd July, 7pm 
$90pp or $130 with wine matches 
To book 

Palate - Hamilton 
Wednesday 4th August 6.30pm  
$100pp or $150pp including wine matches 
Ph. 07 834 2921, email [email protected]