Perfect pairs: Selaks Taste Collection Wines and Seafood

October 18, 2017
Perfect pairs: Selaks Taste Collection Wines and Seafood

Cheers to long lunching and crisp summer seafood recipes with Selaks Wines.

What could possibly be better than a long lunch with friends, chilled bottle of rosé at the ready and crisp pinot gris to match the catch of the day? Ahead of this year's Labour Day Weekend, we decided it was high-time to perfect the wine match, thanks to our friends at Selaks.

Boasting two deliciously versatile new wine varietals, consider Selaks Berries & Cream Rosé and Luscious Pinot Gris the ultimate summer must-have. The two newest additions to the Selaks Taste Collection range join Selaks Buttery Chardonnay, Zesty Sauvignon Blanc and Velvety Pinot Noir, and have been carefully crafted to bring to life the distinctive characteristics of each varietal, just in time for summer.

So whether you're playing host this long weekend or joining friends for a casual grazing lunch, here are our picks of how to best match your favourite bottle of Selaks Taste Collection wine with our abundant and delicious seafood dishes. From mouth-watering barbecued cray to fresh prawns with baked feta, you'll be spoiled for choice.

1. Baked Prawns with Lemon and Feta
Wine match:
Selaks Taste Collection Berries & Cream Rosé
Appellation: Hawke's Bay

This is the perfect summer dish to serve with lots of fresh crusty bread for mopping up all the lovely garlicky, lemony juices. Beautifully paired alongside Selaks Taste Collection Rosé, the ripe juicy berry notes hit the palate and offer a light creamy finish – reminiscent of strawberries and cream in the summertime. The wine cuts through the pungent feta for a match made in heaven. This delicate pink wine is pure summer in a bottle.

2. Roasted Fish with Parsley, Lemon and Pine Nuts
Wine match: Selaks Taste Collection Luscious Pinot Gris
Appellation: Hawke's Bay

The subtleties in the fish and added crunch of the pine nuts make for a deliciously fresh and light summer meal. When paired alongside the mouth-watering rich fruit flavours of Selaks Luscious Pinot Gris, the wine's fresh fruit medley of succulent apples and pears, layers of melon, honey and spice provide a truly delectable combination.

3. Barbecued Crayfish 
Wine match:
 Selaks Taste Collection Luscious Pinot Gris

Buttery, simple and oh so succulent, the cray reigns supreme in this easy summer barbecue recipe. Allow the fruitier notes of Selaks Taste Collection Luscious Pinot Gris to sing when matched with this beautiful crayfish recipe. We suggest you chill a couple of bottles and clear the afternoon, the Kiwi summer doesn't get much better than this.

4. Market Fish with Crushed Potatoes, Peas and Mint
Wine match: Selaks Taste Collection Berries & Cream Rosé

Savour the flavour of this simple fish dish. The minty notes cut through the buttery potatoes, while Selaks Taste Collection Berries & Cream Rosé provides a decadent and fruity finish. This beautiful recipe allows the fresh strawberry notes to shine within this simplistic yet stand-out dish.

These beautifully-curated summer wines are available in good supermarkets and liquor outlets throughout New Zealand, RRP $21.99.

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