November 12, 2021
Rangitieki Chicken

Rangitikei Free Range is New Zealand’s premium brand of Free Range Chicken.

Rangitikei Free Range are committed to farming practices that put the welfare of their chickens first. They’ve been responsibly raising free range chickens for nearly 20 years in New Zealand and their famers are proud of their work in providing the chickens a better quality of life.  Rangitikei Free Range is proud to be SPCA Certified supporting higher animal welfare. Everyone at their farms sees this as an unbreakable promise to their animals, their consumers and the NZ community, that they will work hard to excel in these standards every single day. 

rangiteki free range chicken farm 

But it doesn't stop there, with equal care and attention given to the products they produce. With a wide variety of high quality free range chicken products on offer, their whole chicken and cut up portions are always fresh, tender and ready for you to add your personal touches in producing your own creations.  Their Butterflied Chickens are marinated to be succulent and tender with delicious authentic natural flavours and carefully blended herbs and spices. A perfect choice for the BBQ being quick to cook and a real crowd pleaser over those summer months. 

rangiteki free range chicken 

Their newest additions to the Rangitikei™ Free Range family can be found in your supermarket freezer.  Quality products made with inspiration from around the world.  On trend natural flavours, a unique super crunchy coating with whole breast pieces and chicken tenderloins, means you can always make dinner a delight.  Creamy Buttermilk Tenderloins and Thai Style Tenderloins with just a little bit of heat are great choices for wraps, tacos and salads.  Japanese inspired Karaage Chicken with a hint of garlic and ginger and their latest Korean Style chicken breast pieces with a sachet of sweet and spicy Gochujang sauce offer a truly authentic flavour experience you’ll be proud to serve to your family or friends, or just enjoy yourself! The Rangitikei Free Range frozen products, offer the best in ease, quality and convenience.

So choose Rangitikei™ Free Range Chicken and enjoy simply delicious, truly ethical chicken - We make it good. You make it great!


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