Say Hola to Flavour with Farrah’s!

May 13, 2021
Say Hola to Flavour with Farrah’s!

Farrah’s Mexican is shaking things up with a fresh new look and bold new flavours.

Farrah’s refreshed range delivers on-trend flavours, with meal kits, spice mixes and flame baked tortillas that are all proudly made in New Zealand from quality ingredients. 

Taking the hard work out of your next Mexican night, Farrah’s Meal Kits include two new taco kits - Smoky Chipotle and Hickory BBQ. Each kit contains a Spice Mix that is mild yet full of flavour, their famous Flame Baked Flour Tortillas, and a perfectly balanced creamy mayo sauce to top it off.  Just follow the recipe on the back of the pack and add fresh ingredients for a fast and tasty dinner. 

Farrah's hickory BBQ and Smoky Chipotle taco kits

If you like to freeestyle in the kitchen, keep Farrah’s Flame Baked Tortillas and Spice Mixes on hand for easy and flavourful meals that can be whipped up in no time. 

Check out the Farrah’s website here for loads more recipe inspiration, and say hola to flavour with Farrah’s! 

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