A Day in the Life - Martin Bosley, Chef

. May 13, 2015
Photography by Brian Culy .
A Day in the Life - Martin Bosley, Chef

With the help of exquisite photography from Brian Culy, here's an insight into the day in the life of chef Martin Bosley as he prepares for Hawke's Bay food festival, Winter F.A.W.C.

Produce-rich Hawke's Bay shines as a foodie destination even when the sun doesn't, epitomised by this June's winter Food and Wine Classic (F.A.W.C.) festival, which features over 45 unique food events. 

As the festival approaches, we're giving three participants the keys to to the Dish Instagram account so they can share the preparation process with us through candid photography. We started this week with regular F.A.W.C star, chef Martin Bosley, who will be cooking a beautiful eight course honey-themed menu in the grounds of historic Balquhidder House on the 20th June, in collaboration with the artistic Culy family and Beagle's Bees' local, organic honey. 

He travelled to Napier this Monday to meet with Leanne and Brian Culy (who as a professional photographer himself, leapt at the opportunity to photograph the occasion for Martin) and discuss plans, as well as to taste Beagle's unique honey, learning about his unique style of beekeeping. 

Leanne Culy of Balquhidder House and Martin Bosley (right), pictured on the doorstep of the historic property. 
Beekeeper Beagle with his precious honey-makers.
Beekeeper Beagle Rogers, captured beautifully by photographer Brian Culy.
Beagle showing Martin the thyme oil he uses to remove parasites from his beehives. 
Trying to decide which honey to use in each dish at the Bee Prepared dinner. The terroir of the raw honey is obvious, for the location of the hives has a profound effect on its flavour.
Meals in the Balquhidder dining room are always a social affair, making the perfect ending to a beautiful day in Napier. 
Time to say goodnight and head back to Wellington! 

Martin Bosley's honey dinner, Bee Prepared, has unfortunately now sold out. There are countless other fabulous events taking place over four weekends in June at Winter F.A.W.C, to read the full line up and book tickets, vist www.fawc.co.nz