Marvellous Miele

September 06, 2021
Kouzina showroom

Kouzina Appliances is a specialist appliance retailer that works closely with the Miele brand. Here we speak to Martin Cross, founder of Kouzina.

What makes the retail experience at Kouzina unique?

Martin Cross: Our team, the level of service we provide and the many years of experience we have with the brands we sell. We constantly update our displays and work with talented designers, architects and cabinetmakers to offer the best advice and service to clients.

Kouzina showroom

What do customers find the most challenging when buying new kitchen appliances?

MC: Understanding the many brands available on the market and trying to choose one. Pairing the right products is really important, both for design reasons and so it suits the customer's cooking style.

What trends are you seeing in the kitchen and the home?

MC: Clean lines and flush details that can seamlessly integrate into any kitchen design. Clients are also now looking for products that are easy to use and maintain, and sustainable products. Miele is strongly focused on this especially as their products are built to last.

Kouzina showroom

Why Miele?

MC: Miele is a complete solution covering all product categories – manufactured in Germany so the build quality and engineering is superb. The vast range means Miele can cater to all budgets.

Which Miele appliance would you love to own?

MC: The new Miele Built-in Coffee Machine. It's an amazing product with built-in "AutoClean" cleaning cartridges and three separate bean containers allowing you multiple bean options. It can also be plumbed directly (the "DirectWater" feature) for ease of use.

What makes Miele ovens special?

MC: All the Miele ovens are fantastic to use. They heat up in minutes and maintain a perfectly consistent temperature right through the oven. They also bake very gently so won't dry out food.

Miele oven

What feature could you not live without in a Miele appliance?

MC: The M Touch control panels, featured throughout the Miele cooking, laundry and now cooktop ranges. Their bold, clear graphics make operating any appliance easy.

Is there an advantage to a full suite of Miele appliances?

MC: It looks smart and makes it easy to move between appliances. Everything can be connected, so things like your cooktop setting will determine your rangehood speed.

Which is better in your opinion – gas, electric or induction?

MC: They're all great options now. The new Miele gas cooktops integrate very well into any bench finish, while induction cooktops can be installed as flush-mount for a sleek look.

Miele induction cooktop

What are the latest innovations from Miele?

MC: The Miele Dialog oven is an exciting new product we have in the Kouzina showroom. It uses revolutionary M Chef technology to cook food in its entirety, rather than from the outside in – so you can cook complex meals and have every component ready at once.

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