Tomorrow’s breakfast: Snö

. March 28, 2019
Photography by Isabeau Brimeau.
Tomorrow’s breakfast: Snö

Remuera is home to a new Scandi-style café, Snö – Swedish for snow. This newcomer with its aptly-white interior is taking Auckland's brunch scene by storm. Digital Editor Izzy Brimeau reviews...

Aucklanders rejoice; the ever-popular Dear Jervois has opened up a sister café named Snö. Located in Remuera – on the Newmarket side – and boasting a light, airy Scandinavian interior, it promises to attract yummy mummies and activewear-clad millennials.

sno interior

Nestled in an office/apartment complex, close to the motorway turnoff (if you find yourself en route to Hamilton, you’ve gone too far) the street is no rival for Jervois Road. However, the menu offers some stiff competition. I'm glad to say that the Swedish theme isn’t reserved for just the interior and name. We see it incorporated throughout the menu with dishes such as Pytt I Panna Swedish Hash, Swedish Blueberry Waffles and even a Swedish take on a tostada.

A friendly, fresh-faced girl seats us and immediately takes our drinks order. We opt for flat whites, which are delicious and strong. After much discussion about what to indulge in for breakfast, I choose the Mushroom and Potato Rösti Stack and my boyfriend eventually settles on the Breakfast Burger.

flat white coffee

Despite having only recently opened, it's evident it's not the team's first time at the rodeo. A well-run operation sees the food promptly arriving at the table. After taking one look at the Breakfast Burger I realise how hungry I am. And how jealous I am that I didn't order it. It’s a beast – one half of the large toasted brioche bun is piled high with a mountain of scrambled egg, a nice fat potato rösti, rashers of streaky bacon, blueberry compote, a dollop of truffle aioli and grated parmesan cheese. The other half of the brioche sat to the side, unable to balance upon the leaning tower of breakfast ingredients. Now, I realise you may be thinking ‘blueberry compote does not belong on a breakfast burger’. But I can assure you it does. For those of you who can appreciate the pairings of sweet and savoury, you know what I’m talking about. For those of you a little more sceptical, trust me; you’ll enjoy the dish.

breakfast burger sno

The Mushroom and Potato Rösti Stack is also a generous serving. They haven't skimped on the mushrooms, the rösti is adequate in size and the eggs are poached perfectly. My only criticism is that there is something overly sweet – I can’t quite put my finger on it – in the lentils, that becomes slightly overpowering towards the end of the meal. Aside from the sweetness, the dish is a hit.

mushroom rosti stack sno

As for the cabinet food, it looks like an absolute treat. I stare wide-eyed at the stack of cookie sandwiches and cake stand of fruity muffins. My only regret is not getting something sweet to finish off with. I look forward to returning in the near future, to try the famous Swedish Blueberry Waffles. Followed by scoffing a cookie sandwich, in the privacy of my own home.

cookie sandwich

So, if you and your regular brunch club are looking for a new hot spot, head to Snö for a dreamy Scandinavian breakfast. 

12 St Marks Road,
Remuera, 1050

Opening hours: 7am-4pm, seven days a week