Tomorrow's Lunch - Sumthin Dumplin

July 25, 2018
Tomorrow's Lunch - Sumthin Dumplin

It's official, our late-night prayers have been answered – Auckland's CBD is home to the best-looking dumpling house we've laid eyes on.

If you find yourself wandering through Auckland's CBD and hunger pangs just so happen to strike, consider yourself in luck.

The newest addition to Auckland's bustling O'Connell Street, Sumthin Dumplin, will delight your senses and reignite your love affair with these bountiful little morsels, in all their glorious forms.

This scrumptious little venture, the brainchild of husband and wife duo Shane Liu and Berdina Stuart, as its namesake might suggest, really is sumthin. The family-owned and operated new hole-in-the-wall style eatery boasts an impressive line-up of scrumptious and steamed dumplings, conveniently available in servings of six or 10-piece trays, perfect if you're splitting with a mate.

The ethos is here is fuss-free and simple – "uncomplicated, authentic dumplings, presented in a light-filled, contemporary space." Having opened a little over a week ago, the hype surrounding this new eatery is in full force, and it's little wonder why. During our visit on a grey and gloomy Wednesday afternoon, the team have virtually sold-out of fillings, following yet another "hectic" lunch rush.

If your natural reaction to the news that another dumpling bar has sprung up in this pocket of town is "do we need it?" the answer is unequivocally "yes." Sumthin have mastered the art of churning out volume while upholding quality. Shane's mother and matriarch of this budding little dumpling empire, Lan Ni, has perfected classic combinations – think pork and cabbage, or tofu and vege encased in a bright green spinach dumpling wrapper – while utilising century-old family recipes.

Our suggestion? A big ol' plate of Mince and Cheese dumplings and a 'FOB' fizzy drink or non-alcoholic Chinese cider, to wash it all down.

The next time you find yourself craving your fix of fresh, flavoursome dumplings, make a beeline for town. As long as they haven't sold out, you'll be pleased you took our word for it.

Sumthin Dumplin,
12 O’Connell Street,
Auckland CBD.
Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday:
11am – 9pm
Friday and Saturday: 11am – 11pm
Sunday: Closed.