What we're streaming at the moment

March 01, 2021
What we're streaming at the moment

Most of the dish team live in Auckland, so we're at level three this week. That's not so nice, but what is nice is having a plethora of movies and shows at our fingertips. We asked around the team for recommendations and boy, did they deliver! Here's the list of what we're watching at the moment...

Yvonne Lorkin - Drinks Editor​

It's a Sin
I was wrenched through every possible emotion by It’s a Sin – just an incredible story of how the AIDS epidemic ripped through the UK and tore apart friendships and families. But it was a joy to watch at the same time and DON’T get me started on how epic the soundtrack is.
(Available on TVNZ on Demand)

The Undoing
LOVED The Undoing – Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant and the incredible Donald Sutherland (who has one of the most kickarse monologues I’ve ever seen delivered on the small screen) – it’s a furiously addictive series about betrayal and murder.
(Available on NEON)

The End of the F**king World
Oh and I am evangelically obsessed with The End of the F**king World – british comic drama at its greatest and again a soundtrack that puts me in a Spotify spin with every episode.
(Available on Netflix)

The Educators
​But for pure laughs and guffaws and cringey brilliance, I adore The Educators – Jackie Van Beek, Tom Sainsbury, Jonny Brugh, Kura Forrester, Cohen Holloway – it is just magical to watch.
(Available on TVNZ on Demand)

Black Hands
Oh and Black Hands!!! The incredible story of the Bain Family murders and investigates their lives leading up to that horrible night.
(Available on TVNZ on Demand)

Head High
PLUS I also LOVED Head High – superb local storytelling about the trials and tribulations of being a player and a coach and a family caught up in First Fifteen rugby madness in New Zealand. Brilliant acting and a total treat to watch.
(Available on Three Now)

Olivia Galletly - Contributor

Wanda Vision
Wanda Vision is really great, my husband is a hardcore Marvel geek and convinced me to watch it with him. Each episode is set in a different era based on classic sitcoms (Bewitched, The Brady Bunch, Modern Family etc) with Wanda controlling and manipulating the people of a small town to live out her ideal suburban life. 
(Available on Disney Plus)

Ben Whorwood - Video Editor

The Great 
The Great was fantastic - A genre-bending, anti-historical ride through 18th-century Russia following the wildly comedic rise of Catherine the Nothing to Catherine the Great.
(Available on NEON)

Conor Fox - Art Director

I May Destroy You
This show is incredibly funny but also very heavy and intense - Michaela Coel writes and stars in this gut-wrenching show that follows a woman as she rebuilds her life after getting assaulted.
(Available on NEON)

Rupauls Drag Race UK Season 2
CLAP FOR THE BING BANG BONG. Some good old fashioned campery. Honestly after all the doom and gloom as of late this I can always go back to RPDR for a fun, funky time. Tia Kofi and Bimini Bon Boulash own my heart. This season has had me howling all the way through.
(Available on TVNZ on Demand)

My nerdy ass is obsessed with WandaVision. With all the lockdowns and delays in stuff getting released I have missed my MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) content. The made up theme songs in this have been stuck in my head for days. One episode a week is not enough!
(Available on Disney Plus)

Karrin MacLeod - Business Development Manager

Men in Kilts
It is a road trip through Scotland – the stars (Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish of Outlander) explore the heritage, meet local artisans, food, music...etc. Its bloody brilliant.
(Available on NEON)

Alice Galletly - Contributor, Sub Editor

Search Party
​Our television is mostly being held hostage by The Wiggles, but once the two-year-old is in bed I’ve been loving Search Party. It’s a dark comedy about millennials in New York who get themselves into an extremely big mess. If I didn’t have a kid/work to do I’d probably binge all four seasons over a couple of days! 
(Available on NEON)

Alex Blackwood - Digital Editor

The Bold Type
Like a more realistically not-mean Devil Wears Prada, The Bold Type is a juicy series about three young women working at a sex magazine. It’s light, it’s fun, it’s the perfect distraction from the fact that the walls seem to be inching inward with each day we spend above level 1…
(Available on Netflix)

The English Game
When you like pretty fiction and your partner likes sport, there is huge advantage in a beautiful, romantic period drama that just happens to centre around football. The English game is just that – and it’s historically accurate (for the most part), so you can count it as educational too.
(Available on Netflix)

The Creative Brain
Featuring Nick Cave, Kelis, Grimes, as teachers, scientists, and a man Bill Gates called ‘the smartest man I know’, The Creative Brain takes a look at the creative process and why creativity is essential to our lives. It’s an inspiring watch that makes you feel like picking up a paintbrush, or guitar, or whatever your thing is!
(Available on Netflix)

Judging by the fact that it spent a week in the number one list of what Kiwis are watching, most of you have seen Bridgerton. Those of you who haven’t are missing out: this flawlessly beautiful drama based on a series of steamy historical novels is perhaps the best show of the year. The hype has died down a bit, but season two is on the way and one member of the dish team even watched it twice in a row, so if that isn’t a recommendation, we don’t know what is!
(Available on Netflix)

The Devil All the Time
I won’t lie to you, this movie, starring Robert Pattinson, Bill Skarsgard and Mia Wasikowska (among others) is depressing. However, it’s excellently acted and if you’re in the mood for something gritty, this might just be the go.
(Available on Netflix)