Broccoli, Blue Cheese and Caramelised Red Onion Fritatta

. July, 2015
Photography by Kelly Gibney .
Broccoli, Blue Cheese and Caramelised Red Onion Fritatta

Midweek meals don’t get much easier than this. Taking the time to caramelise the red onions beforehand adds a lovely sweetness to the dish. The perfect counterbalance to punchy and rich blue cheese.

Serves: 3-4


2 red onions 
1 teaspoon brown sugar or coconut sugar
9 free range eggs, lightly beaten
150 grams blue cheese
1 small head broccoli, chopped into florets and lightly steamed
sea salt and cracked black pepper



Slice onions into thin rings. Heat a very generous glug of oil in a sauté pan. Cook onions gently over medium/low heat until soft, translucent and just slightly browned. Add brown sugar and cook for a further minute. Season with sea salt and cracked pepper. Set aside to cool.

Preheat oven to 200˚C.

Line the bottom of a circular dish that is roughly 20cm in size. Lay half the steamed broccoli around the bottom of the dish and crumble half of the blue cheese over the top. Dollop half of the onion mixture over that. 

Season the lightly beaten egg with salt and pepper and pour over.  Arrange the remaining broccoli on top and lightly push into the egg mixture. Crumble over the remaining blue cheese and dollop the rest of the caramelised onion.

Bake for 35 minutes until lightly golden and the egg has set. Leave to sit for 10 minutes before slicing.

Leftovers will last up to 3 days covered in the fridge.