Italian Roast Pork with Spinach Tossed in Garlic

From issue #3.
Photography by Photography by Becky Nunes.
Italian Roast Pork with Spinach Tossed in Garlic

L’Arista’ is often served with spinach and/or potatoes, puréed or roasted with garlic and rosemary. It can be served at room temperature, reheating just the sauce and is popular with busy Mammas, as one piece of ‘arista’ can provide the ‘second plate’ for several evenings!

Serves: 6 - 8


1.2 kg loin of pork, skin removed
2 cloves garlic
2 sprigs rosemary
1 generous teaspoon sea salt
freshly ground black pepper
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil, approximately
1/3 cup dry white wine or brandy
2/3 cup chicken stock, approximately

1 kg fresh spinach, well washed
3 cloves garlic, sliced
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
sea salt & freshly ground pepper


Tie the pork loin well with string (or ask your butcher to), and make 6 to 8 incisions with the point of a knife.
Peel and chop the garlic, chop the rosemary and chop both together to form a ‘tritata’. In a small bowl combine the ‘tritata’ with salt and pepper and press a little into each incision, reserving a quarter of it to rub over the exterior.

Heat the oil in a heavy based pan until hot but not smoking, and sear the pork well all over and on each end.
Pour over the wine or brandy and when it has virtually all evaporated add some of the stock. Reduce the heat and cover. Simmer for about 40 minutes, turning now and again, adding a little more stock if necessary.
Remove from the heat and allow to ‘rest’ at least 10 minutes.

Wilt the spinach with just the water clinging to the leaves, drain and leave to cool. Squeeze dry and chop roughly. Heat the oil in a pan and gently sauté the garlic until golden. Add the spinach and sauté on moderate heat for about 10 minutes.

Slice the pork and transfer to a platter. Spoon over a little of the ‘gravy’. The gravy should be concentrated – reheat it if necessary. Serve with spinach tossed in garlic. Serves 6-8