Long Afternoon

From issue #6.
Photography by Photography by Aaron McLean.
Long Afternoon


3 raspberries,
1 boysenberry,
3 blueberries
4 lime wedges
30 mls Bacardi Razz
30 mls Apple Sourz
10 mls *Mure Sauvage
apple juice


Place half the berries and the four lime wedges in a mixing glass and muddle. Add the alcohol and apple juice. Shake with ice and then strain the mixture into a tall glass containing the rest of the berries. Serve.

For a layered effect: muddle all the berries with the lime and alcohol only. Pour slowly over the apple juice in a tall glass. (The alcohol will create the layering effect) Serve.

* Mure Sauvage is a French brandy made with blackberries. Available from liquor stores.