, from Issue #89. March, 2020
Photography by Sarah Tuck.

Bloody Mary meets a chilled beer! Who knew this combo would work so well? I love mine heavily spiced with hot sauce and don’t skimp on coating the rim of the glass, it’s part of the drinking experience. 

Serves: 1


Coat the rim of a tall glass in chilli and celery salt (see recipe below). Fill the glass with ice cubes. One-third fill with tomato juice, then add 1 tablespoon tequila, 2 splashes of Worcestershire sauce and 2-3 splashes of hot sauce, or more to taste (I used a chipotle hot sauce). Top up with chilled beer (we used a Mexican beer, Sol), squeeze over a lime wedge, give it a stir and serve immediately.

Chilli and Celery Salt Coating 

1 tablespoon ground chilli
1 tablespoon sea salt, roughly crushed
1 teaspoon celery salt

To coat

1 egg white, lightly beaten until frothy

Combine the chilli and both salts in a saucer. Dip the rim of a glass in egg white then in the salt mix. Makes enough salt for several glasses. Store in an airtight jar.