Tomato, Zucchini and Herb Fritters

, from Issue #41. February, 2016
Photography by Aaron McLean.
Tomato, Zucchini and Herb Fritters

These are very soft fritters as there is only a small amount of batter holding them together, so take care when turning them. Be generous with the herbs as they are a delicious complement to the tomatoes.

Serves: 6


1½ cups diced firm but ripe tomatoes, including the juice and seeds
1 cup grated zucchini
2 spring onions, finely chopped
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 teaspoon ground cumin
½ cup chopped herbs, use any combination of mint, basil, dill, flat-leaf parsley, coriander
1 egg
¼ cup self-raising flour
sea salt and freshly ground pepper

To serve
olive oil
handful of rocket
thick plain yoghurt


Combine the tomatoes, zucchini, spring onions, garlic, cumin and the herbs in a large bowl and season generously.

Whisk the egg and flour together and stir into the vegetables. The batter will be thick initially but the juice from the tomatoes will thin it down.

To cook: Heat a little olive oil in a sauté pan over a medium heat and cook spoonfuls of the batter for 2 minutes each side until golden and cooked through. Drain on kitchen towels.

To serve: Arrange the fritters on a serving platter and serve with the rocket and yoghurt. Makes about 12 fritters