Dish Tasting Panel Submission


We’re delighted to announce that our next dish Tasting Panel will focus on New Zealand Session Beers, with results to be published in our October/November 2019 issue. It will be the Spring issue, which is really popular with the dish audience.

You are invited to submit your beers/s for the blind competition-style Tasting Panel, which will be led by dish drinks writer Yvonne Lorkin. Judging will take place in Auckland on July 20.

If you make a bottled or canned beer that sits in the 'session' (3-5% alc.), 'light' (1.15-2.99% alc.) or 'low-alcohol' (<1.15% alc.) category, then we’d love to taste it.

You may enter as many beers as you like, and there is an entry fee of $50 per beer entered.

Please submit TWO bottles of EACH beer entered. ENTRIES and BOTTLES must be received by 5PM FRIDAY, JULY 12, to be eligible. Due to a tight timeframe, no late entries will be accepted.