Fisher and Paykel: Introducing the Quad Door

September 26, 2018
Fisher and Paykel: Introducing the Quad Door

Great meals start with the freshest ingredients. The fresher the ingredients, the greater the taste, so it only makes sense to store your food appropriately.

The new Quad Door Fridge Freezer from Fisher & Paykel was designed with storage flexibility in mind. In the real world, your groceries don’t always conform to either fridge or freezer when it comes to ideal storage temperatures. Providing their customers with the storage flexibility to retain freshness, texture and flavour of food is what drove the Fisher & Paykel team to create the Variable Temperature Zone technology found in the Quad Door product.

The specialised Variable Temperature Zone (bottom right) can be set to one of four different cool modes depending on the items requiring storage. No matter which special ingredients you require for your next creation, the Quad Door Fridge Freezer will keep them perfectly preserved until they’re ready to be prepared.

Fridge mode is closest to your classic refrigerator setting. It’s perfect for your everyday items like vegetables, dairy, and preserves. Chill mode takes things down a notch, cooling your fish and meats at just above freezing temperature to keep the freshness locked in. Chill mode also comes in handy for fast cooling drinks on social occasions.  

The Soft Freeze mode is for items like soups, bread or meat that require a quick thaw. The defrosting time is reduced significantly, making it the ideal storage area for portioned meals. Then, of course, you have Freezer mode for reliable long-term storage of freezer-safe items.

Move between temperature modes with the simple, one-touch control panel that also allows you to make minor adjustments to the four presets for those situations where every degree counts.

Working alongside the Variable Temperature Zone is Fisher & Paykel’s ActiveSmart™ Technology which keeps your fridge temperature consistent, adjusting airflow, temperature and humidity to ensure optimal performance of each compartment.

The Quad Door Fridge Freezer also features adjustable cantilevered shelving to give you even more flexibility for storing large, tall, or odd shaped items. Better yet, each shelf can be adjusted without having to remove its contents. Further, the water dispenser is slimline and compact providing even more internal storage space.

We all have our personal preferences around food, but no matter the nature of your shopping, cooking or entertaining, the Quad Door Fridge Freezer has a temperature setting to suit.

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