Make your Christmas table sparkle

. December 15, 2020
Make your Christmas table sparkle

The Christmas meal that you spend hours planning, cooking and plating deserves a table setting to match: style your feast with Stevens...

This article was created in partnership with Stevens

Along with the asparagus, potatoes and your family's pick of Christmas salmon, chicken, lamb, veges or whatever else, there's room on the table for gorgeous dinnerware and sparkling glasses and cutlery...and a little festive cheer.

Pictured above: Momento Como fine bone china dinnerware, from $14.99; Momento Munich cutlery, from $7.99;  Momento Jazz gold glassware, from $14.99; Tom Smith Luxury Christmas Crackers, White & Gold (8 pack), $49.99; Festive Check Napkins (set of 4), $44.99; Festive red berry garland (150cm), $69.99; all from Stevens.

The pop of a Christmas cracker, some special napkins for a pop of colour and a festive garland for some greenery all go a long way to set the tone for a very merry Christmas... But it's the crisp, new, modern dinnerware (that you might find under the tree in the morning) that will really make your table glow all year round. Plus, nothing says special occasion like a touch of gold glassware.

With all the effort that goes into making your family the perfect Christmas meal, the right dinnerware makes it all the more special - and Stevens have the perfect set to suit your family. Just add friends and family arranged around the table then garnish with your choice of holiday music.