Miele makes it easy: smart tech in the kitchen

May 28, 2020
Miele makes it easy: smart tech in the kitchen

Whether you're short on time, looking to reduce the fuss of cooking, or wanting to elevate your cooking expertise through cutting-edge technology, Miele's futuristic innovations make perfect results in the kitchen easy. 

Among those innovations is TasteControl, which sees the oven open slightly once the cooking cycle is over, rapidly cooling the oven, preventing the food from overcooking. A maintenance temperature can also be set for meat to rest or food to be kept warm.

Miele FoodView

Gone are the days of peering through the oven door's tiny window (or God forbid opening the open door to peep). Miele's FoodView shows you an internal camera's view of your food from the [email protected] app. You can even adjust the temperature or cook time from your tablet or smartphone.

Miele SmartSelect

SmartSelect power levels and times sit on the underside of the ceramic glass on the Generation 7000 Induction Cooktop for a sleek, minimalist design that will suit any kitchen.

Miele FullSurface

The FullSurface Induction Cooktop allows as many as six pots and pans to be positioned anywhere on the surface - even moved around. Intuitive controls and heat zones follow the pan as you move it, with induction allowing rapid heating using little electricity in whatever position you place the pot or pan.

Looks like cooking in a sci-fi movie would be a breeze. Click here for more info about Miele's Generation 7000 rangeBook a free demonstration or have a look at Miele's RecipesInstagram and Facebook.