How to Blend: Meadow Mushrooms Blended Burgers

. August 04, 2020
How to Blend: Meadow Mushrooms Blended Burgers

We’re loving this new technique called the Big Blend by Meadow Mushrooms. It’s all about encouraging Kiwis to blend meat with mushrooms for all round better meals. This recipe, for their Blended Burger is a great example of how to blend.

This article was created in partnership with Meadow Mushrooms

Whether you’re looking to cut down your meat intake or up your veggies, The Big Blend is a perfect solution! By simply blending finely chopped mushrooms in with your mince, you can create better value and more nutritious, more delicious and more sustainable versions of your everyday favourites. One of the best things about blending is its just finetuning your favourite meals. There are no new fancy techniques or kitchen gadgets needed. You just add finely chopped mushrooms in with the mince - simple!

To get you started, watch this How To video to create the most delicious blended burgers. Give it a go, because once you blend, you’ll believe.

 Get the recipe here.

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