How to: cook your way through foodie films

November 26, 2018
How to: cook your way through foodie films

We've scoured the archives and are serving up 11 films every devout foodie should cook their way through, at least once.

Have you ever salivated at the very thought of your favourite foodie film? From the cinematic searing of red meat, to the drizzle of melted chocolate and the tossing of seasonal greens – there's nothing quite like a bit of cinematography to get the creative juices flowing.

In a bid to unite our two great loves, fine food and cinema, we decided it was about time we trawled back through our mouthwatering backlog of recipes and paired them with our favourite foodie films.

From Chocolat to Chef, here are 10 delicious reasons to cook your way through your next movie marathon:

1. Chef, 2015

What we're baking: Apple Beignets
Jon Favreau's brilliant portrayal the disgruntled, uninspired chef Carl Casper, made for a wonderful watch. As chef Carl travels throughout the Southern States of the US, rediscovering delicious Cuban fare in Miami, mouthwatering barbecue and the infamous French beignet at New Orleans' Cafe du Monde, we fell in love with Chef's casual approach to dining and its love affair with street food. These delightful little Apple Beignets are a deliciously fresh take on a New Orlean's crowd-pleaser.

2. Julie and Julia, 2009

What we're baking: Simple Cheese and Herb Soufflé
To cook your way through Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking is ambitious to say the least, so when aspiring blogger Julie Powell (played by Amy Adams) did exactly that, we couldn't help but feel totally inspired. As Julie fumbled her way through her soufflé and burnt her Boeuf Bourguignon to a crisp, we could all relate. When it comes to French cooking, sometimes the simplest dishes are the best place to start.

3. The Hundred-Foot Journey, 2014

What we're cookingBreakfast Omelettes with Chorizo, Rocket and Bacon-Wrapped Tomatoes
During one memorable scene in The Hundred-Foot Journey, French traditionalist and Michelin-star restaurateur Madame Mallory and apprentice Hassan Kadam are creating an omelette, the "ultimate test" of one's creativity. Using traditional family spices and an unconventional approach, Hassan wows Madame Mallory with his spicy family recipe. This hearty breakfast omelette provides just the right amount of heat to kick-start your day.

4. Babette's Feast, 1987

What we're cooking: Quail and Mushrooms with Rosemary Aioli
Babette's Feast pays homage to all things French cooking. From the choux pastry to the Veuve Clicquot, this beautiful film is a love letter to the French masters. Our Quail and Mushrooms with Rosemary Aioli is the perfect main event for your next inspired French dinner party. Bon appetit!

5. Burnt, 2015

What we're cooking: Lamb Leg Steaks with Peas, Bacon and Leeks
In Burnt, Bradley Cooper plays Adam Jones, a disgruntled former culinary star returning to the kitchen after a lengthy hiatus. During one particularly memorable scene, chef Adam schools his kitchen staff about the importance of seasoning to perfection, particularly when it comes to red meat. This divine lamb recipe is beautifully tender and surprisingly easy to master.

6. Haute Cusine, 2012

What we're cooking: Chicken Liver Pâté with Walnut and Caper Salsa
In this hilarious and delightful French comedy, chef Danièle Mazet-Delpeuch must learn to share the kitchen with a power-hungry pastry chef, all the while catering for French president, François Mitterrand. As tensions rise in the kitchen, the pair must learn to get along. Our light and creamy Chicken Liver Pâté with Walnut and Caper Salsa is the perfect start to any meal.

7. Chocolat, 2000

What we're baking: Fig and Whisky Chocolate Truffles
Never underestimate the power of chocolate. In the overtly romantic Chocolat, deliciousness unites a tired provincial French town in desperate need of reinvigoration. These mouth-wateringly indulgent morsels are a fresh take on the traditional chocolate truffle. With the addition of whisky, be warned – they do pack a punch.

8. Jiro Dreams of Sushi, 2011

What we're cookingSalmon Sashimi Bowl
In this beautifully shot documentary, renowned Japanese sushi chef Jiro Ono is declared a national treasure. Having pioneered the new wave of Japanese cuisine, Jiro's love affair with the fine art of sushi is front and centre. This telling film reaffirms everything we love about Japanese fare, with this fresh and simple Salmon Sashimi Bowl no exception.

9. Like Water For Chocolate, 1992

What we're baking: Rose Water Meringue and Lemon Shortbread Swirls
There's something enchanting about this achingly romantic Mexican film. A passion for food and the story of a forbidden, star-crossed love collide in this magical tale of Tita and Pedro. Creating a dish as romantic and evocative as the film itself is no easy feat, however these elegant Rose Water Meringues come pretty close.

10. The Trip, 2010

What we're cooking: Pancetta-Wrapped Scallops with Saffron and Herb Risotto
Who can resist Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon on a foodie's dream road trip? As the two comedians taste their way around Britain, dining in some of the country's most celebrated culinary institutions, the hilarious commentary and mouth-watering dishes make for a wonderful watch. Channel your inner fine diner with a standout scallop dish, like Pancetta-Wrapped Scallops with Saffron and Herb Risotto.

10. Paris Can Wait, 2016
What we're cooking: Pears, Blue Cheese and Walnuts in Baking Paper
The delightful Diane Lane stars as Anne, a devoted and loyal American wife who accompanies her workaholic and pre-occupied husband (played brilliantly by Alec Baldwin) to the Cannes Film Festival. As the film unfolds, Anne’s journey takes a delicious and unexpected detour with her husband’s French associate (Arnaud Viard), as she rediscovers the ‘joie de vivre’ her life was so desperately lacking. One particular picnic scene sees the pair stop for lunch, complete with aged, ash-ripened cheese, crusty baguettes, and succulent strawberries. And wine, plenty of wine. Our suggestion? Create your own little respite from all the noise and devour our Pears, Blue Cheese and Walnuts cooked in baking paper, complete the picture with your favourite bottle of red and good company. So simple, so French, so chic.