Perfect Dip Pairings for SunRice Brown Rice Chips

. July 29, 2020
Perfect Dip Pairings for SunRice Brown Rice Chips

We paired SunRice Brown Rice Chips with the dips that suit them best.

This article was created in partnership with SunRice Brown Rice Chips

SunRice Brown Rice Chips are a delicious twist on traditional potato chips, packed full of crunch and flavour but made using Australian Rice. These bite-sized snacks are gluten free, contain no artificial colours or preservatives and come in three tasty flavours. We have collated our favourite dips for each of the SunRice Brown Rice Chip flavours – Sea Salt, Wild Rice and Smokehouse BBQ & Paprika.

Sea Salt
SunRice Sea Salt Brown Rice Chips are a wonderful accompaniment to a dip that is packed full of flavour. With the sweetness of tinned beetroot, the warm, earthy flavour of cumin and peppery horseradish cream this beetroot hummus is as vivid in colour as it is in flavour. Serve on a platter for an easy entertaining plate that looks as good as it tastes!

Smokehouse BBQ & Paprika
SunRice Smokehouse BBQ & Paprika are delicious eaten straight out of the bag or paired with a seemingly simple garlicky white bean dip. With a white bean base, this dip is given a bit of bite with lemon zest and juice, lots of sea salt and of course a good helping of garlic. Ricotta and extra virgin olive oil give it a lovely silky texture, perfect to enjoy with the crunch of brand new SunRice BBQ & Paprika Brown Rice Chips.

Wild Rice
SunRice Wild Rice Brown Rice Chips go perfectly with tangy guacamole. As well as your classic guacamole staples of diced tomatoes, avocadoes, lemon juice and salt, add sliced spring onions, chopped pickled jalapenos, chopped coriander and sugar to taste. Mix all ingredients together and serve with SunRice Sea Salt Brown Rice Chips!