Three Ways to Improve Your Platter Game

. August 06, 2020
Three Ways to Improve Your Platter Game

Platters are an easy and delicious way to entertain and with the inclusion of SunRice Brown Rice Chips they can be even tastier.

This article was created in partnership with SunRice

A delicious twist on a traditional chip, SunRice Brown Rice Chips are packed full of crunch and flavour and made with Australian rice. These bite-sized snacks are gluten free, contain no artificial colours or preservatives and come in three tasty flavours – Sea Salt, Wild Rice and Smokehouse BBQ & Paprika. We have collated our three favourite platter hacks to create that wow-factor in any platter!

Dips, dips, dips
Dips are a make or break for a platter. Including a beautiful dip not only brings colour and texture to a platter, it creates an opportunity for seasonal veges to be added as a healthy extra that looks gorgeous too. We love a combo of dips in a range of colours and flavours – whipped carrot and miso dip, beetroot hummus and green pea, harissa and coriander hummus are some of our favourites. Remember you need a sturdy chip to scoop up these dips, and Wild Rice or Sea Salt SunRice Brown Rice Chips are the perfect solution.

Encourage unexpected pairings
Instead of your typical cracker and cheese combo, create unusual combinations that your guests will notice. Add some cheeky elements like sweet biscuits or popcorn and think about ways to combine sweet and savoury – blue cheese and medjool dates is definitely worth a try!

Replacing ordinary crackers with SunRice Brown Rice Chips is another lovely way to put a different twist on a platter. For a real variation on the traditional cheese and cracker, pop your brie in the oven with a drizzle of honey and bake until soft. Pair with SunRice Brown Rice Chips in Wild Rice or Sea Salt, or if you’re feeling adventurous try Smokehouse BBQ & Paprika for a true flavour sensation!

Less is more
Be picky about what you include on your platter, instead of adding anything that comes to mind. Be sure to include seasonal fruits and vegetables and a little something sweet. Sometimes a smaller platter with items piled high is more appealing than a larger platter with bits and pieces spread out – try not to over-cater! And of course, make sure your choices include the delicious new SunRice Brown Rice Chips in Sea Salt, Wild Rice or Smokehouse BBQ & Paprika for real impact and happy guests.