Need to know – Mother Earth New Zealand Honey

February 13, 2018
Need to know – Mother Earth New Zealand Honey

Few of nature's gifts boast the health benefits or versatility of home-grown honey.

Pure, sweet and full of flavour, when it comes to nature's bounty – honey is as good as it gets.

Boasting a variety of delicious flavours made from different flowers, whether you like yours smothered on toast or tossed through your favourite salad, there are endless ways to enjoy this home-grown, liquid gold. In a bid to ensure you know your Manuka from your Clover, we've teamed up with local purveyors of the sweet stuff, Mother Earth.

Mother Earth’s hives are skilfully placed in carefully selected locations around the country by expert beekeepers. The diversity of flavour in Mother Earth's honey, is the result of allowing bees to collect nectar from flowers growing in a number of surrounding areas, and in turn, producing deliciously different honey varieties.

So the next time you find your Dish recipe calls for honey, look no further than one of Mother Earth's uniquely Kiwi honey blends.

1. Native Bush Honey
Dominated by flavours from nectar sourced from three different New Zealand trees, this unique blend features buttery notes from Kamahi, toffee hints from Tawari and caramel from Rewarewa flowers. Native Bush Honey is the perfect accompaniment simply spread on toast, or, with its bold flavour profile, a tasty sweetener to add to your favourite baking recipes.
Our recipe suggestion: Honey Grilled Stonefruit with Whipped Ricotta

2. Manuka Honey
A world-famous bush honey with a distinctive flavour profile and earthy tones, this golden goodness comes from New Zealand’s native Manuka tree. With a more intense flavour, Manuka honey is best used in dressings, sauces, beverages and desserts – where a little goes a long way. Manuka honey ranges in concentration and flavour intensity, with a higher UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) correlating to a stronger flavour.
Our recipe suggestion: Kumara Salad with Herb and Honey Dressing

3. Clover Honey
A deliciously mild pasture honey with a subtle flavour and floral tones, Clover honey is the blend that Kiwis know and love. Local bees draw from the wild flowers surrounding their hives to produce the familiar, nostalgic taste of this beautifully cloudy honey. Classic Clover Honey is perfect for all sweet or savoury dishes, and a delicious addition to a hot toddy with a dash lemon.
Our recipe suggestion: Honey Nut Tart

To learn more about Mother Earth or see how you can shop their full product range, see their website here.