Need to know – Tika Chips

November 15, 2017
Need to know – Tika Chips

Take a big crunchy bite out of life with the crispiest new kid on the block.

Potato chips are a shared vice here at Dish.

Seriously, we can't seem to get enough of them. It's also popular opinion that sometimes, the saltier – the greasier – the better.

That was, of course, until we discovered the wafer-thin wonderment of Tika Chips. Real vege pieces dried to crunchy, crispy perfection using traditional South American methods.

Handmade in Chile and now available at exclusive food stores around New Zealand, these delicious little crisps are crafted using slices of sweet potato, exotic potato varieties and beetroot. For the health-conscious, you can rest assured that Tika Chips are 100 per cent natural and proudly gluten-free, low in sodium, cholesterol and contain no trans fats.

The Tika philosophy is simple – work with the highest quality ingredients sourced from traditional Chilean farmers who employ original Mapuche farming methods. These moreish little vege chips are the result of using only the best ingredients, to create a snack alternative we simply can't get enough of.

So, the next time you're craving something crispy and salt-laden or entertaining friends this holiday season, reach for a flavoursome bag of Tika Chips instead.

Tika Chips are available in supermarkets nationwide and come in three delicious flavour varieties, including Patagonia, Furiosas and Merken.

To learn more about Tika chips, simply visit their Instagram page right here.