Need to know – Tio Pablo Mole Poblano

April 04, 2018
Need to know – Tio Pablo Mole Poblano

Heat up your favourite weeknight meals with this versatile and flavoursome pantry essential.

According to the history books, during the colonial period in the Convent of Santa Rosa in Puebla in Mexico, a group of local nuns were thrown into complete disarray when faced with an impromptu dinner challenge of the utmost importance – a drop-in visit from the archbishop himself.

With sparse ingredients on-hand, the nuns were required to get creative in order to create a show-stopping dish fit for a visitor of the archbishop's calibre, calling on accessible local produce like chilli peppers, spices, day-old bread, nuts and even dark chocolate. The result? A flavoursome, rich and saucy triumph, served over juicy turkey. When asked for the name of this dish, the nuns replied that they had prepared a “mole” – an ancient word that quite simply translates to “mix”.

Nowadays, creating a meal with whatever is left in the pantry is considerably easier, particularly when you throw Tío Pablo's Mole Poblano into the equation. This rich, complex and wildly versatile chilli paste, is made from a unique blend of chillies, nuts, seeds, corn tortilla and a pinch of dark chocolate. Traditionally, Mole Poblano is paired with chicken or turkey, but is equally as delicious when served over darker meats or juicy pork. Conveniently gluten-free and vegan, consider it the perfect addition to your favourite non-traditional plant-based or vege recipes, for a desired depth of flavour.

Our suggestion? Tio Pablo's delicious Enmoladas make for the perfect weeknight meal – a scrumptious combination of chicken enchiladas served with mole-coated, corn tortillas. For the recipe, head over here.

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