Drop of the Day - Champagne MDC

. September 14, 2020
Drop of the Day - Champagne MDC

MDC (AKA Marquis De ConFlans) is a Champagne with a distinguished history reinvented for modern tastes and modern palates. The citrus, buttery aroma and fresh, crisp and fruity taste works a treat with our Mushroom Pâté.

This article was created in partnership with MDC Champagne

From a 1859 Champagne house, MDC is a heritage Champagne with a forward thinking approach. Their wine was crafted as a tribute to the Royal families of Champagne, the original protectors of the land and the lovers of the Champagne region. At the same time, they have a mind to the future, with a fearless, innovative woman at the helm (still rare in the Champagne world!) and a dedication to creating a clean, environmentally friendly drop. It really is Champagne brought into the modern world - so of course they make a Champagne to suit a modern palate.

They hand pick their grapes, using only the heart of the press to make a base wine that is then aged for 36 months. Usually non-vintage Champagne is aged for around 15 months, but MDC prefer to leave it for a bit longer - those 36 months are long enough to fully develop flavour and character. The result is a Champagne that is golden, crisp and vibrant.

The fresh, crisp taste also features a note of fruit throughout the mouthful, and works beautifully alongside our piquant and woody Mushroom Pâté, which, like MDC Champagne is a cleverly modern version of a classic.

MDC also make their Champagne with the environment front of mind, with the use of solar panels, rainwater harvesting and a greenwall this has earnt them a High Environmental Value Certification from the French Ministry of Agriculture. 

On top of that, the bottle is slick, gorgeous and throuroughly of-the-moment. What's not to like?

MDC Champagne is only available at fine dining restaurants and through www.mdcchampagne.com.

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