Drop of the Day - Garage Project Dirty Water

. March 01, 2021
Drop of the Day - Garage Project Dirty Water

Dirty Water is Garage Project's cheeky name for the 'cleanest thing they've ever brewed'. The seltzer is naturally flavoured, gluten-free and a portion of profits go to supporting clean water initiatives in our own backyard. Plus, we reckon this Mix Six of all three seltzer flavours works a treat with our Spicy Cornflake Crumbed Chicken Burgers.

This article was created in partnership with Garage Project

Since 2011, Garage Project has been delighting us with their ever-growing array of beers, from choc-orange to dill pickle and the occasional natural wine... and now, in their own words, "we're here to try something new. To push boundaries, reinterpret styles and challenge the notions of what good brewed drinks can be." 

They've released a range of seltzers made with real fruit and natural flavours and a gluten-free grain, sorghum, that is known as one of the most efficient crops for water usage. This results in a sparkling clean, alcoholic seltzer with only 90 calories and less than 1g of sugar per can. It's available in three flavours, and this Mix Six pack has two of each: Pineapple Passion, Lemon Lime and Raspberry Yuzu.

All those flavours go down a treat with fried chicken, burgers, or these Spicy Cornflake Crumbed Chicken Burgers - which tick both of those boxes. And if you really want to zero into matches for the individual flavours, the Pineapple Passion seltzer plays well with rockmelon, prosciutto, feta salad. The Raspberry Yuzu one is excellent alongside rich, sweet and spicy foods like Peking duck pancakes, while a zesty can of the zesty Lemon Lime is magic with Ika Mata (raw fish). 

On top of all that,10% of profits go to supporting clean water initiatives in our own backyard, so it's a win win!


Mix Six pack $19.99 online at www.dirtywater.co.nz

Find them on Instagram @dirtywaterseltzer and @garageproject

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