Drop of the Day – Fever Tree Wild Raspberry Tonic Water

May 31, 2024
Drop of the Day – Fever Tree Wild Raspberry Tonic Water

By blending the natural flavours of sweet British rhubarb with juicy Scottish raspberries, a refreshingly fruity tonic water perfect for the long weekend has been created.

TASTE: Wonderfully sweet British rhubarb and juicy Scottish raspberries are perfectly balanced with Fever-Tree's signature quinine, allowing the sweet flavors and aromas to shine through in the natural flavourings. 

KEY INGREDIENTS: The rhubarb used in this tonic water is harvested from a British farm in Norfolk. The natural flavourings of the rhubarb contribute the perfect sweetness to the tonic water, complemented by the natural flavourings of wild raspberries sourced from Strathmore Valley in Scotland. 

For a sweeter twist on the classic gin and tonic, simply mix this tonic water with your favourite pink or London Dry Gin.

The raspberry and rhubarb flavours of this tonic water pair well with a good cheeseboard – we recommend recipes like our Grilled Sourdough with Prosciutto and Stracciatella or our Mozzarella Tartines with Anchovies and Olive and Parsley Salsa. The Wild Raspberry also pairs well with seafood dishes like our Market Fish with Rocket, Preserved Lemon, and Currant Salad, and sweet and fruity desserts like our Nut Butter Blueberry Crisp.

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