Drop of the Day – Triple Rock Vodka

January 27, 2022
Triple rock vodka

Triple Rock Vodka brings a Kiwi attitude to a classic spirit. Read on to learn how you can get an exclusive 15% discount on the Triple Rock Vodka range! 

When you think of vodka, your mind probably conjures up images of a spirit that’s colourless, odourless and flavourless. But when you add a little bit of Kiwi ingenuity into the mix, you get a lot more than you bargained for in the best way possible. And that’s precisely what Triple Rock Vodka brings to the table with their range of seemingly outlandish but nonetheless impressive vodkas. 

Created and launched in 2013 by Stuart Williamson, Triple Rock Vodka is a home-grown range of plain and flavoured vodka. The range includes Chili Mocha, Jaffa, Kiwi Lime and Liquorice plus an award-winning plain vodka called Diamond. These flavours capture the essence of Kiwiana and are preserved in a groovy-looking bespoke bottle that’s just as unique as their flavour. Individual bottles come with a cocktail list neck-tag to give you mixing ideas – or just create your own! 

Triple Rock Chili Mocha Vodka - 750ml 37.5% ABV 

Triple Rock Chili Mocha Vodka

A gold medal winner in our recent tasting panel, this vodka has a velvet coffee-chocolate flavour followed by a spicy hit of chilli to stir the taste buds. Our judges were wowed by its rose-gold colour and extraordinary combination of flavours, proving that vodka isn’t just a one trick pony when it comes to taste or appearance.  

This vodka mixes best with coca-cola in a short glass with ice and lemon or lemonade in a tall glass with ice and lime. Watch the video below to learn how to make a ‘Chiliberry’ using Triple Rock Chili Mocha Vodka. 


Triple Rock Jaffa Vodka - 750ml 37.5% ABV 

Triple Rock Jaffa Vodka

Who doesn’t love a handful of jaffas? This vodka is the epitome of 'Kiwi az bro' - delivering a shot of orange upfront with a creamy chocolate after-taste that leisurely melts away.  

Mix with ginger beer in a short glass of ice with a slice of orange or add some orange juice to a tall glass with ice and lime. Watch the video below to learn how to make a ‘Summer in the Bay’ using Triple Rock Jaffa Vodka. 


Triple Rock Diamond Vodka - 750ml 37.5% ABV 

Triple Rock Diamond Vodka

A silver medalist at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Triple Rock Diamond is a smooth and affable blend which mixes as easily as a premium vodka should, making it the perfect mixer for any vodka-based cocktail. 

Mix with any of your favourite ingredients and enjoy! Watch the video below to learn how to make a ‘Diamond Martini’ using Triple Rock Diamond Vodka. 

Triple Rock Vodka is available to purchase online now at nzliquor.online and as a special offer for dish readers, you can receive a 15% discount on the Triple Rock Vodka range when you purchase 2 or more bottles*. Click here to use your exclusive discount now! 

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