Jules Taylor 2021 On the Quiet Sauvignon Blanc

January 27, 2023
Jules Taylor 2021 On the Quiet Sauvignon Blanc

Long hidden at the back of the winery, Jules Taylor Wines' 2021 On the Quiet Sauvignon Blanc is finally ready to have its moment in the summer sun!

Don’t tell everyone, but Jules Taylor is rather excited about the latest 2021 release of her On The Quiet (OTQ) Sauvignon Blanc. 

“It’s the most perfectly formed vintage that I have ever been involved with” says Jules. She describes it as the “Sexy Sauvignon Blanc; a Sauvignon Blanc for Chardonnay lovers”. It is a wine that was carefully crafted from a tiny, hand-picked, single vineyard parcel of grapes and hidden in a barrel at the back of the winery… until now. 

On the quiet sauvignon blanc

With more texture and creaminess than a typical style Sauvignon Blanc, this wine is the perfect partner to weightier seafood, tropical flavours with citrus and saline freshness. Some of Jules’ favourite accompaniments include pan-fried scallops and a peach salad, or a Thai prawn laksa. She also loves it with a dish of halloumi, smashed garlic new potatoes and a fresh tasting seasonal salsa. 

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