Greet Spring with Curiosity Ruby Gin

September 15, 2023
Greet Spring with Curiosity Ruby Gin

Deliciously sweet and zesty, meet Curiosity Ruby Gin! This vibrant, pink gin has become the gem in Curiosity’s collection and it’s no surprise that it’s their most popular drop among gin lovers. 

Crafted through the infusion of fresh Otaki Rhubarb stalks, alongside a subtle touch of added sweetness, Ruby Gin presents a vibrant and zesty flavour profile, beautifully complemented by its captivating, vivid colour that is not to be missed in any mixed drink!  

Whether you are in the mood for a refreshing Pink G&T, a sparkling Gin Fizz, or prefer it chilled as a Pink Martini, Ruby Gin adds the perfect touch of pink perfection to your cocktails. And for those seeking a twist on the classic G&T, a hint of spicy ginger beer paired with Ruby creates a match made in flavour heaven.

Curiosity Gin invites you on a journey to redefine your gin experience while uncovering the essence of New Zealand in every sip. This award-winning, small-batch gin is passionately crafted in their Christchurch urban distillery, making each pour an extraordinary experience.

To experience the magic of Curiosity Ruby Gin, pick up a bottle at selected liquor stores nationwide or online at

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