Rogue Society Returns

July 28, 2023
Rogue Society Returns

Rogue Society Liquor will be recalled fondly by many of our readers and we’re thrilled it’s back on shelves around the country.

Produced by the Scapegrace Distilling Co in Central Otago the brand formed a cult following between 2014-18. It’s now been reborn with Rogue Society offering a delicious, locally made Signature Gin and Vodka. 

With a distinct distillation process, Rogue Society Liquor offers a different taste and flavour to Scapegrace's self-named products. The Signature Gin boasts upfront juniper notes with a unique botanical mix featuring delicious local Gisborne grapefruit and Hawke's Bay coriander. The Signature Vodka presents a buttery, clean, and velvet finish. Rogue Society is one of the few New Zealand distilled products available in the premium segment of the market which is dominated by mass-produced international spirit brands.

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