September 17, 2021
Loveblock winery

Nurtured by nature, and a little bit of ingenuity, Loveblock's signature wine is a fantastic addition to New Zealand's already strong tradition of Sauvignon Blanc.  

Sauvignon Blanc is Loveblock's signature varietal, and like signatures, it comes in different forms and styles. At Loveblock, this wine is more hesitant on the nose, then gallops to layers of interesting texture and flavours of white peach and pineapple that prance on the palate. The Loveblock style of Sauvignon Blanc is a direct result of their hands-off approach in the vineyard – they nurture the organic vines through a healthy, rich and biodiverse ecosystem – and the incorporation of alternative vessels in the winery.

Loveblock now use big, egg-shaped concrete vessels, handmade clay amphorae (large pots), barrels and stainless-steel tanks to ferment the Loveblock Sauvignon Blanc. The eggs, amphorae and barrels bring intriguing dimensions to the texture of the wine. 

Loveblock wine 

Nicknamed the ‘Teletubbies’ by the winery team, the Loveblock concrete egg collection has grown from their original orange egg and now boasts purple, red, black, bottle green and white eggs. These vessels add an exciting new dimension and shape. Because they are oval and have no corners, fluid dynamics causes the continuous movement of the wine as it ferments on wild yeasts. This gentle mixing of the wine during fermentation or ageing produces a more complete and complex wine.  

So far, the team have noticed a beautiful, almost ethereal mouth filling texture in the Loveblock Sauvignon Blanc, and they are also using these vessels on some of their other much-loved wine varietals now too!

Loveblock sauvignon blanc

Pick up a bottle of Loveblock Sauvignon Blanc, or any of their other organically farmed wines from Glengarry or your local stockist today.

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