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December 06, 2022

Get delicious wines delivered direct to your door with Vineonline's easy, time-saving subscription service.

The Vineonline story starts way back in the 1990s, when two wine-loving Kiwis moved home after their OE with a wild idea to start a mail-order wine company. Fast forward 20 years and after putting in the hard yards forming relationships with renowned Kiwi and Aussie winemakers, that wild idea turned it into what Vineonline is today.

The Vineonline team is a passionate bunch when it comes to all things wine, spirits, and beer. You can count on them to deliver value, convenience and delight right to your door, for any occasion. Whether you’re a wine-lover, craft-beer connoisseur, or the ultimate mixologist you’re guaranteed to find something you love from their extensive range of everyday drops to unique finds. With more than 20 years in the wine industry, they know their way around a bottle of Pinot. They even have personal wine advisors at the ready to craft custom orders just for you. 

Along with their range of wine, beer, spirits and RTDs they also offer wine subscriptions. The newest addition is ‘Everyday Delights’, a monthly subscription that comes in a 3, 6, or 12 case option. Simply choose the number of bottles you want, the delivery frequency and the combination of red and white wines that suit you best.

 Vine Online subscription infographic

Enjoy total flexibility with a Vineonline subscription. Rest easy knowing there are absolutely no minimum contracts and you can skip, pause or cancel anytime.

Customise your subscription to suit you. Whether you’ve got a packed social schedule entertaining friends or just cozy nights on the couch, choose the number of bottles that suit you this month and change it up the next. Starting at only $60 per month, you can have a beautiful selection of wines delivered right to your door, with delivery costs included.

glass of wine  

Each wine case includes bespoke tasting notes detailing every bottle of wine. These aren’t just your normal tasting notes but instead tell a unique story of each bottle. Vineonline also lives by their ‘Rate it or Return it’ Wine Promise. They understand that leaving your comfort zone can be risky business, so if you're not loving the wine you received, let the team know and they’ll give you a refund or hook you up with a better match. (It’s a win, win)

So, really there’s nothing to lose and delicious wine to gain. Save yourself some time, and subscribe to one of their subscriptions, so you can cross ‘buy wine’ off your to-do list for good. If you are interested in learning more, give the Vineonline team a call, they are a chatty bunch who love to help.

To learn more or to order your subscription, visit 

Facebook: @VineonlineNZ