Six of the best: brunch cocktails

October 05, 2017
Six of the best: brunch cocktails

Say "cheers" before noon to delicious mid-morning libations.

As the weather gets cooler and a mid-morning nip feels all the more appropriate, consider it the perfect time to rise and shine with a delicious line-up of brunch cocktails. From twists on old classics to reimagined libations to savour, behold the best brunch tipples that'll have you warm and cosy right up until lunch.

1. The Bloody Mary, Odettes
A tribute to one of the original breakfast beverages, this crisp combination of tomato, tabasco, pickle, cucumber and berbere blend will wake you up like nobody’s business.

2. The Cold Drip Negroni, Orphans Kitchen
Good things happen when you combine your morning coffee with your favourite after-dark libation – an aromatic blend of gin, Campari, cold drip coffee and orange.

3. The Tamarillo, Amano
A zesty approach to an old favourite, reinvigorate your senses, with this artfully blended, reimagined classic. It’s hard to say no when there’s some bubbles involved.

4. The Yuzu Aperol Spritz, Egmont Street Eatery
A creative take on the beloved Italian aperitif while harnessing the fresh, juicy qualities of the Japanese Yuzu fruit, this sounds like our kind of morning glory.

5. The Grapefruit, Amano
Start the day with a fresh and zesty breakfast cocktail. A vibrant take on the classic Mimosa, consider this refreshingly tart yet simple flavour combination the best way to toast to the weekend.

6. The Marmalade Martini, Monica's
Arguably our favourite dining destination in Taranaki, Monica's Eatery certainly know how to deliver when it comes to brunch. This sublime twist on a classic, dry martini that boasts just the right amount of zest.