The New Selaks Origins Lighter Range: Crafted with the Innovative Piquette Method

September 08, 2023
The New Selaks Origins Lighter Range: Crafted with the Innovative Piquette Method

Wine enthusiasts and health-conscious consumers are raising a glass to the latest innovation from Selaks: the Origins Lighter range.

This exciting addition to the Selaks family is winning fans for its unique production method and its appeal to those seeking a lower-alcohol, lower-calorie option without compromising on flavour.

At the heart of the Origins Lighter range is the innovative use of the Piquette method, a traditional winemaking technique originating from France. The Piquette method offers a unique, high-quality way to produce lower alcohol wine, sustainably crafted by upcycling pressed grape skins to produce a crisper & more refreshing liquid.

Selaks' winemakers have masterfully crafted each bottle to ensure that the vibrant flavours associated with the brand remain. The range includes a crisp tropical Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and a refreshing New Zealand Rosé featuring light summer berry flavours. At 8% ABV, Selaks Origins Lighter is an excellent choice for long lunches, outdoor picnics, and leisurely afternoons.

The Selaks Origins Lighter range introduces a fusion of tradition, innovation, and sustainability. By embracing the Piquette method and catering to those seeking lower-alcohol, lower-calorie options, Selaks has once again demonstrated its commitment to meeting the evolving tastes of modern consumers. The result is easy-drinking, lower alcohol wines, bursting with flavour.

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