Thomson Whisky & Bar Martin Collab with Premium Single Malt Whisky

August 22, 2023
Thomson Whisky & Bar Martin Collab with Premium Single Malt Whisky

Thomson Whisky has launched a limited edition single malt whisky, Cask Martin, in collaboration with Bar Martin.

A neighbourhood institution, Bar Martin is a hidden gem in the suburb of Mt Albert, Auckland. It was over a glass of whisky that owner Ruben Maurice and head distiller Mat Thomson started talking about the idea of bottling a limited edition whisky that reflected their shared enjoyment of simple things done well. Some cask samples appeared at the table and Cask Martin was born.   

Mat Thomson & Ruben Maurice

This bottling celebrates ‘local’ – 100% NZ grown malted barley, distilled at the Thomson Whisky distillery, and aged in ex-Pinot Noir casks sourced from a nearby winery. Cask Martin embodies the warmth and charm of an evening at the Bar. It's a premium New Zealand whisky, made to be shared. 

Hailed as the first of the new wave New Zealand whisky distilleries, Thomson Whisky is New Zealand’s most awarded whisky distillery to date. With an obsession for local ingredients, and utilising what is in abundance around them, the Thomson Whisky distillery focuses on quality and innovation over volume, and has a core range of premium single malt whiskies that sum up the New Zealand ethos of living close to nature.

Using traditional methods for contemporary ends - it’s about a passion for the spirit, local materials, creativity, people, climate, and total respect for the process. New Zealand in a glass. The Cask Martin bottling continues this commitment and approach.

Cask Martin is available from the Thomson Whisky web-store now. 

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